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White Spot Treatment for Teeth

Depending on the cause of white spots on your teeth, there are a few different methods to treat them.

Remineralization Procedure

Our office has seen nice results using special techniques to remineralize the affected enamel.  The involved teeth are cleaned, etched, and pumiced.  The area is then covered with a specific paste that introduces calcium, phosphorus, and fluoride back into the enamel.  It can also prevent further breakdown of those teeth. Severe areas may still need further treatment as discussed below. Read more about the remineralization procedure.


If the white spots are starting to turn into notches or holes within the enamel, they ideally should be repaired with a tooth-colored filling material.  This is similar to the normal treatment for cavities in general.

If the white spots are large and/or stained, but otherwise still intact, bonding material may be placed to cover and mask the area.  Ideally, remineralization (as mentioned above), should be attempted first to strengthen and/or reduce the affected area.  The bonding can then be applied as necessary.


In severe cases, the discoloration (very white and opaque, or dark stains) within the enamel may need to be covered by porcelain (instead of bonding).  This allows complete coverage of the area and will offer better control of the final esthetics.

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