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White Spot Treatment for Teeth

Depending on the cause of white spots on your teeth, there are a few different methods to treat them.

Remineralization Procedure

Our office has seen nice results using special techniques to remineralize the affected enamel.  The involved teeth are cleaned, etched, and pumiced.  The area is then covered with a specific paste that introduces calcium, phosphorus, and fluoride back into the enamel.  It can also prevent further breakdown of those teeth. Severe areas may still need further treatment as discussed below. Read more about the remineralization procedure.


If the white spots are starting to turn into notches or holes within the enamel, they ideally should be repaired with ...

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Top Five Dental Symptoms

Toothache or Sensitive Teeth
Cracked or Broken Teeth
Stained Teeth
Bleeding or Sore Gums
Bad Breath

Have you had any of these symptoms? If so, don’t feel alone.  These are the most common symptoms dealt with at our dental office.  There are many causes and solutions for these symptoms, so check with your dental provider to discover the best options for you.

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